Blood Meridian, Chapter I- “[I]n him broods already a taste for mindless violence”

Back to the beginning…The year is 1847.  The Leonids refers to a prolific meteor shower, occurring in the month of November, the most famous in recent history having occurred in 1833.  This is the year the main character in the book, known only as “the kid,” was born.  He is 14 now.

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Blood Meridian, Chapter XXII- “Our animosities were formed and waiting before ever we two met”

angry wolf 1 dunce academy wolves blood meridianMore time passes in this chapter than in any other chapter in the book (save maybe the first, when we go from the kid’s birth to the present).  We learn some interesting things in this chapter.  For one, we learn the age of the kid.  Referred to only as “the kid” throughout the novel, we have no way of knowing how old he actually is.  Until now.  Though years and some historical events have been mentioned.  Recall the first page of the book: “Night of your birth.  Thirty-three.  The Leonids they were called.” (p. 3).  What does thirty-three mean?  1933?  1833?  Well, it’s the latter, as the “Leonids” reference would provide. Continue reading

Blood Meridian, Chapter Eleven- “[N]o man can put all the world in a book.”

The air is thinner now, the climate changed.  Cooler.  And one of the Delawares gets jacked right off the back of his horse by a huge, pig-eyed bear.  What a way to go.

There are beasts in this alien land.  Alien hearts.  Creatures more horrible than anywhere else.  But there are places more horrible, beasts more horrible still.  The indians are part of the land, their blood runs into the earth, bloodlands, part of the earth itself, for generations. Continue reading