TV as Company

tvI have read here recently, from a couple of sources (Jonathan Franzen and/or Ann Patchett, I think), that reading is a lonely business, and that writing is a lonelier business still.  Even movies can be a lonely endeavor.  Have you ever had some time alone, and gone on a movie-watching binge, one after the other, barely stopping to eat or sleep or do anything but watch?  It’s delightful, in its way, to be sure, but can also feel intensely lonely. Continue reading

“Good People”

Let’s talk for a moment about the concept of “good people.”  And not just as the plural form of “good person” (i.e. “they are good people.”).  No, I am talking about the term in the specific context that a single person is referred to as good people plural; i.e. “he/she is good people.”  That phrase.  What is its significance?