Sitting down to dinner, I find myself staring at the side of my son’s face.  He doesn’t know I’m watching.

It’s a child’s face.  A boy’s face.  But not a baby’s face.  Not even a young child’s face.  He’s nine.  His skin is smooth.  And soft, still.  Perfect.  But it won’t always be.  For an instant, in my mind’s eye, I catch a glimpse of this face as a teenage face.  Continue reading

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never…

How much power is there in positive thinking?  Until recently, I never put much stock in it.  I, perhaps cynically, just assumed that things were the way they were, or turned out the way they were going to turn out, no matter how I felt or what I thought about them.  But I am becoming more open to the possibility that I was wrong. Continue reading