A Euphism for Obnoxious

“…and so that’s why I became a lawyer,” she said.

“Because everyone always said you should?” I asked.


“Because you have always been opinionated and enjoy arguing?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Fascinating,” I said.  Bored.

“Do you really think so?”

“No, not especially.”

“Oh, well, how charming of you to say.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, raising my glass.

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Looking but not seeing.  Not looking to see.  I spend so much time.  I’ve done it so often, the seeing becomes meaningless.  The same every day, yet also changed every day.  Too close.  Too often.  Never familiar, but increasingly less familiar.  That’s not me.  Those sad eyes.  That sad look.  That sad face.  That’s not my face.  A mask.  Surely a mask.  A cruel joke, realistic though, just someone else’s reality.  Not un-handsome.  Not old.  Just not me.


Third Wheel

Michael: “Can’t believe Brenda finally agreed to go out with me.  A little weird she invited that girl from across the hall along, but she’s cute too.  Two hot girls, all for me.  AWESOME!”

Shannon: “This is so weird.  Brenda is nice and everything, but this feels like a date.  Why would she invite me along on a date?  And why is she looking at me like that?”

Brenda: “Ugh!  Can’t believe I finally gave in.  Michael’s persistent, I’ll give him that.  Thank goodness Shannon came home when she did.  I never realized how pretty she is.  Wonder what she’s doing later…”