Vacation Reading: Florida Edition

Left to my own devices, the suitcase I would bring on a Florida vacation would be 90% full of books.  If there happens to be any leftover room for a toothbrush and a swimsuit, great.  Anything else would be superfluous.  But as my wife is fond of reminding me, these are no longer viable packing options, given our current circumstances. Continue reading

Vacation Reading- Ambitions vs. Reality

Reading a book at the beachIf there is one thing I lament in life, it’s the absence of sufficient free reading time.  I love to read, but by the time I get all my work done, and chores done, and finish all the other things I have to do, there is precious little time left over for anything else.  I read, sure, 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, but it’s not the luxuriant hour upon gorgeous hour that I crave.  So on those rare occasions when I get to take a vacation, I am always excited to finally get caught up on some reading. Continue reading

Out to Lunch

I am curious about the etymology of the term “out to lunch.”  I gather it derives from something that used to actually happen, like people would put an actual sign on their business door that read “out to lunch,” or something to that effect, and you knew you had to come back later.  This would seem like a good thing, at least for the temporarily absent business owner.  Perhaps a bit of an annoyance to the business patron, an inconvenience.  But doesn’t the phrase mean, generally, that the person being accused of being “out to lunch” is kind of an idiot?  I would beg to differ with that.  Being “out to lunch,” like putting up a simple sign and then having no responsibility whatsoever for that hour or two (or more), that seems like sheer genius. Continue reading