+22 Best Army In Coc For Th9 2022

+22 Best Army In Coc For Th9 2022. I was wondering what the very best th9 base would be. In this blog post, we are going to have a look at the best town hall th9 war bases anti everything, anti gowipe, lavaloons.

BEST WAR ARMY TH9 COC GoHo YouTube from www.youtube.com

32 ballons and 30 minions together with 4 rage spells and. The tactic for this army is called hghb, which. I have played coc for a long time with multiple accounts, but i never made it past th9.

Giants, Healers, Wall Breakers, & Archers Or Barbarians & Archers.

Coc th9 base links anti everything. However, tesla is the most effective defense for th9. Please choose your best th10 farm, defense or war base!.

1.2 Coc Th9 Base Anti 3 Star War Design 1.2.1 Attacks This Clash Of Clans Level 9 Layout Can Defend Are.

Mass hogs(by suiciding your heroes while taking down enemy’s cc and queen. High level th9 gowipe (th: I also like mass hog.

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For Bases That Need To Be Ground Attacked, Get Used To Using Witches And Having Bowlers In The Cc.

Though i never cross beyond 3600, but my. Today we are going back to basics and showing off a th9 war army that doesn't require heroes! 2 golem, 15 valkyrie, 6 wall breaker, 7 wizards, 1 heal spell, 3 rage spell, 1 poison spell;

Both Times I've Used A Giant Based Strategy To Get To 2400 But From There On It.

High dps and 2*2 space make it free to. Best coc th9 farming base link anti everything new update 2022 with bomb tower & air sweeper.these layouts are anti valkyrie, giants, bowlers, golem's. Queen pop laloon is a classic t.

28 Level 6 Balloons, 2 Level 2 Lava Hound And Rest Are Minions And Archers.

Use a hog rider to lure clan castle troops. The best th9 base layouts of 2022. Explore more than 100+ bases for the town halls.

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